Fall 2015 Sermon Series Preview


Texans are known for savory Sweet Tea. Take a well-brewed pot of quality tea, add just the right amount of sugar, pour over crystal- like ice cubes, and add a slice of lemon. Ahhh! Nothing better to quench one’s thirst on a blistering hot Texas day! Soothing. Satisfying. Refreshing.

God’s blessing has a similar effect as we walk down life’s scorching, life-sapping trails. The blessing of God – Soothing. Satisfying. Refreshing. Whether it comes from the birth of a child, a sense of God’s presence, or a deliverance from conflict with evil, the blessing of God enriches our lives. It certainly is worth pursuing and preserving.

As the people of God, Israel experienced the blessing of God – for a time. And then they lost it. So God gave them a book to rehearse their history, telling them how they received then lost His blessing. It is quite a story! And it was written to encourage God’s people to keep pursuing His blessings and enjoying their relationship with Him. The history was written to ignite their hope that God’s blessing could still be theirs.

In the coming months, Centerpoint will seek this same encouragement given to Israel long ago. We are asking God to ignite our hope for His blessing as we learn to pursue God’s blessing together. In the coming months, Dr. Vic, Pastor Steve, and a few guest speakers will guide us through 1-2 Samuel, helping us learn from the lives of Samuel, Saul, and David.

Along the way, we expect to experience that soothing, satisfying, refreshing blessing of God. You will want to join us!

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